The Massachusetts Coalition of Taft-Hartley Trust Funds, Inc.


Vitech-V3 is a powerful enterprise solution for Taft-Hartley benefit plans, supporting a wide array of groups, benefits and plan rules in a single, integrated system.  It addresses the complete spectrum of multi-employer plan administration, such as contributions processing, eligibility calculations, health claims processing, and pension processing, and supports the flexible definition of plan rules, calculations, factors, variables and payment forms.  V3 is also extremely scalable, easily handling any number of lives in a single installation, ranging from thousands of lives to millions.


Vitech-V3 offers native enterprise functionality critical to true operational excellence, including call center, workflow, imaging, and self-service – a feature that can be used to give participants direct online access to their information and benefit calculations.  The system can be deployed using these native enterprise features, or it can be integrated with existing CRM, Workflow, Self-Service, or Imaging solutions. Vitech-V3 is a browser-based, Java/ Oracle software application, and can be installed in your infrastructure or accessed online as a SaaS application.


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Vice President

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