The Massachusetts Coalition of Taft-Hartley Trust Funds, Inc.

Teladoc Health is the global virtual care leader, helping millions of people resolve their healthcare needs with confidence. Our services span the spectrum of healthcare needs, from simple (such as the flu) to complex (such as cancer, cardiac and musculoskeletal issues) while delivering convenience, positive outcomes, and real value to organizations of all sizes.  


We have unified the combined capabilities and global market presence of our award-winning consumer experience brands that include Teladoc and Best Doctors. Together, these brands create the only global virtual care solution capable of serving organizations and people everywhere. 


When members face complex medical needs, Best Doctors connects them to dedicated physicians to ensure they have the right diagnosis and treatment plan. Our expert specialists – matched to the unique needs of each case – review medical records, pathologies, and test results to confirm the accuracy of diagnoses and treatment plans. Members can then make confident decisions about their care and plan sponsors gain confidence that members are on the right path to better health outcomes and lower costs. Our book of business results are over a 45% impact on diagnosis and over a 79% impact on treatment.


Teladoc provides members convenient access to high-quality healthcare (including mental health), allowing them to resolve healthcare needs within minutes through on-demand or scheduled visits with licensed doctors spanning multiple specialties. After a visit, 92 percent of patients reported complete resolution, demonstrating convenience, outcomes, and value for members and plan sponsors alike. 



Charlie Gustafson 
Vice President, Business Development 
Teladoc Health, Inc.


Phone: (860) 983-5025


Best Doctors is now part of Teladoc Health, the global virtual care leader